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Another Exciting Weekend in Vermont

More excitement, torn from the pages of the Woodstock Early Bird!

In an awareness-raisng example of Vermont’s long political tradition, strong “back and forth” broke out today as A Dozen Turn Out for “Occupy Woodstock”.

And late last week, thousands were left without power because some skwerl was monkeying around: Squirrel Shock Causes Power Outage”.

I like Woodstock and whenever I head there for a visit I make sure to go through Proctorsville and Cavendish so I can stop by Singleton’s General Store on the way, just in case.

Sign at Singleton's General Store

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An Exciting Friday in Vermont

People who visit our little village are sometimes compelled to ask, “What do you people do for excitement around here?”

No matter how hard I think, my answer is invariably, “Well, I guess we just don’t go around getting excited much.”

If you want excitement, you should head up to Woodstock: Skunk Dispatched in Village

Rabies is serious business but I am amused that the skunk didn’t “release any scent” until it was “put down.”  How do you insult a skunk?

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