An Exciting Friday in Vermont

People who visit our little village are sometimes compelled to ask, “What do you people do for excitement around here?”

No matter how hard I think, my answer is invariably, “Well, I guess we just don’t go around getting excited much.”

If you want excitement, you should head up to Woodstock: Skunk Dispatched in Village

Rabies is serious business but I am amused that the skunk didn’t “release any scent” until it was “put down.”  How do you insult a skunk?

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5 thoughts on “An Exciting Friday in Vermont

  1. All those replies on the Woodstock Early Bird just for offing a rapidly rabid skunk.

    I am writing about the wrong things.

  2. People who ask those ““What do you people do for excitement” kinds of questions make me nervous.

  3. by telling it dumb skunk jokes !

  4. Don Bastian

    I knew a guy who trapped many skunks in box traps. The secret to “dispatching them” without them releasing their stink is: (Not for the faint-hearted, if you are, stop reading NOW!

    He had a 55-gallon drum filled with water. Insert box trap into the water, vermin and all, and the skunk will drown. No spray, no stink. This guy trapped more than 2 dozen from around his home in one summer, and after being told this by an old trapper, had not one smelly incident. (He was tired of his dogs getting skunked).

  5. Some people say a skunk can’t spray with all four of its feet off the ground. I know for a fact that they can.

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