Of Mayflies and Trout

It’s not often I am the only person on the pond.

When someone complains about the fishing and I say, “You should have been here on Tuesday!” they think I’m kidding or don’t believe me. Hatches of mayflies can come off as a mere trickle of bugs being chased by a couple of trout or the water can erupt with fish as a blizzard of faeries fills the air. Then, as if someone flipped a switch, the hatch will end and an angler passing by five minutes later won’t know it even happened.

This evening, I was right on time.

Turn up the sound and check this out:

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11 thoughts on “Of Mayflies and Trout

  1. I was out on the Fox River today and witnessed a massive hatch of mayflies and caddis. The carp were going nuts. I, of course, was fishing for smallies. Which had no interest in the bugs what so ever.

    That pond must have trout in it stacked like cord wood.

  2. Great Video! Slurp….sip….slurp…slurp…sip….

    Glad you got there on time!

  3. Great vid, I’ve fished the South Holston when a good hatch was going off, there were so many rises the water looked like it was boiling. Never seen anything like it before.

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  5. Mark in Virginia

    Gosh that is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing that video. It brings back memories of 3 years ago back in the back. Any rhubarb yet? How’s your blackberry supply?

  6. Ken G – I am working on a post about fishing a lake vs a stream or river. The rise in this video lasted about 45 minutes and what I recorded was maybe two dozen fish working. 50 yards away, another pod was working the other end of this island and I spotted another 5 or 6 groups in other places. They may not stack up but they can zero in on a hatch of bugs and swarm it like sharks before moving on to the next spot …

    Sanders – It’s all in the timing. Of course, it helps to live 10 seconds from the water to catch the hatches as they happen.

    Kev – I spend more time watching than fishing when a good boil gets going. It’s a great thing to see.

    Owl Jones is my pimp.

    Mark – That hatch three years ago was awsome, especially when your dad backed out, waved me in and I pulled the biggest brookie I’ve ever caught out of that hole. Fishing a Walt’s Popper, no less! Those things make great emergers. Rhubarb? A strawberry-rhubarb pie magically appeared last week. It disappeared quickly. My “blackberry” supply is low. I’m sure there must have been some loss through evaporation. Yeah, evaporation. That’s it.

  7. rob

    This Magic momoent……dum dum dum dooty do wah

  8. rob

    momoent? well you get the idea. Nice vid Quill

  9. It’s oekay, roeb, I understand.

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  11. I’m Jonesin’ to get back to FIABP!!!!!! But not sure I have an “in” anymore… 😉

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