If a Tree Falls …

(I like to make a little list each morning, of things I would like to accomplish over the course of the day. Sometimes those lists don’t last very long.)

If a tree falls in the forest — certain parts of the forest, anyway — I don’t know if it makes a sound or not but it’s a pretty good bet I’m going to be cleaning it up. The sky over Fish in a Barrel Pond turned ominous on Thursday afternoon, unleashing heavy rain, hail, and damaging winds.

Nothing at all like the destructive weather experienced in other places recently, this storm none the less left its mark.

Somewhere in that tangled mess is the power line supplying electricity to one of our camps which, being empty for the week, wouldn’t make this an urgent problem to be taken care of RIGHT NOW!
except for the fact that the pump for the septic system runs off this line.

Diving in with the old Stihl allowed me to make the bonehead move of the week, continuing with a cut I knew was going to pinch the bar of the saw until it pinched the bar of the saw and I was stuck real good.

Thanks to friend with a good jack in his truck, the saw was set free and the clean up continued.

Other trees were hit hard by the wind but they can wait.

This one is hung up in a couple of birches and a maple. Maybe I’ll let more wind and the Law of Gravity finish bringing it down; maybe I’ll hook up to it with the tractor and try to shake it down; or, more likely, I’ll call someone with more skill, experience and insurance than I to finish up. There is an awful lot of stored energy up there, just waiting to be released.

I have other things to worry about, anyway. Like getting paint to dry in 80+% humidity. You see, I have given up on ever getting some of the floors around here clean again and decided it is just easier to paint them.

But, even with these little surprises that keep popping up, one thing on those little lists survives to get a check-mark each day and that thing is Stop to Smell the Roses. If the roses aren’t in bloom I’ll make do with looking at the irises and ferns.

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4 thoughts on “If a Tree Falls …

  1. Isn’t that odd how we do that with chain saws? I’m sure the same theory applies to a wide variety of things that men do. Then we act surprised that it actually happened, shrug our shoulders and spend half the day fixing the problem we knew we were creating.

  2. Yes indeed. The pinched chainsaw. Glad I’m not alone. But there’s something about that power…

  3. I really should get more chainsaw practice in myself, though I’m more likely to be using it on zombies than trees.

    Smell the roses indeed. After a long work week, just the reminder I needed to get my tired butt up and do something I enjoy!

  4. I make a list every morning too…although a wise man just told me yesterday that one should never finish the day’s list. That leaves something for the morning, he said. Somehow, I never have problems with this. Oh yes, and I agree….there is just something about a chainsaw. I like them too. 🙂 Glad you got sawed/chained out of that predicament…

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