“Some are born anglers; others have anglers thrust upon them.”

“Some are born anglers; others have anglers thrust upon them.” ~Quill Gordon

The summer season is upon us and millions of people are hatching plans for a little recreation, adventure, and a chance to be closer to nature. The View from Fish in a Barrel Pond is dedicated to those who work hard so they can play hard in the Great Outdoors but it is especially dedicated to those who take care of them when they get there.

Here’s to the guides and drivers and pilots and the people who keep the roofs on. Here’s to the guys and gals who keep the water flowing properly (both in and out). Here’s to those who handle the reservations and scheduling. Here’s to the folks who make the beds and wipe whiskers from the sinks. Here’s to the outfitters, medical staff and rescue teams, the dish washers and cooks and the guys who clean septic filters. Here’s to the people who bang the nails and turn the wrenches, stock paper towels and stack wood. Here’s to the people who try their darndest to make things as right as possible when things don’t quite go as planned, dust everyone off and move on. Here’s to those who pick up the trash, fold the towels and clean unmentionable messes.

To everyone who works hard so others can play hard (or at least pretend to), here’s to you.

Here’s to getting paid to watch other folks fish and the chance to see an eagle wheeling across the sun. Here’s to sunsets and birds and the things other people know simply as “trees”. Here’s to the rhythms and cycles felt only by tuning in every day and the thousand tiny moments that accumulate, crystallizing into wonder. To rain and thunder and blustery winds, to days so calm they stand out, and to the quiet that settles in when no one’s around.

To the soil and the dirt. To the rodents, arachnids and insects, and to meteorological phenomena beyond our control.

To the moment.

Living and working in the midst of what others seek can make it harder to see but it’s still there, and here’s to everyone who makes it possible for others to catch even a glimpse.

Ah, the Great Outdoors!

In 2012, according to the Outdoor Industry Association, more than 140 million Americans said outdoor recreation was a priority in their lives and they spent close to 650 billion dollars to prove it.

The U.S. outdoor recreation economy accounts for more than six million jobs. Quill Gordon’s was once again not included in any list of the Best Fly Fishing Jobs for 2016. 

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