Pink and Purple Pictures Because People Are Like Pistachios

Some are quite average and run of the mill. Some are pleasant, others merely tolerable, while still others exude goodness and make you wish there were more like them. Overall, as a group, they’re not so bad, even easy to take, but every so often one finds a bad taste in one’s mouth.

A really bad taste. The kind of taste there’s not enough root beer in the world to cancel. Jarring and traumatic, it lingers long after the initial shock has worn off, inspiring great trepidation at the thought of chancing another experience like it and putting one off one’s feed in general.

People are like pistachios.

Fishing is out of the question for a few more days, due to groups of pistachios on the water, so pleasant diversions have been limited to walking the woods and strolling the grounds, looking at pretty flowers, which, when you think about it, is something more pistachios should do.

Around the Grounds:

Lady Slipper Orchids in the Woods:

I suppose, if the taste persists, I can always lace up the old Steel-Toed Drinking Shoes.

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2 thoughts on “Pink and Purple Pictures Because People Are Like Pistachios

  1. A couple of years ago I switched from people are sheep to people are geese. Watch enough of both and it starts to make sense.

    I like the pistachio reference.

    Wonderful collection of wild flowers you got there. Based on what I see in the blurry backgrounds on some, they come in pretty thick.

    • People are like a lot of things.

      There are some pretty good swaths of lupine around here, including one that’s about 60 feet by 20, providing plenty of background. The orchids tend to be scattered, one or two here and there, but this group is special. Some years there can be 50 or 60 plants, all growing out of a cleft at the base of a big rock.

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