A Good Day to Make Syrup

(This video is hand-held and rudimentary, just like me. It includes free cheesy ambient music, also just like me.)

April 11 was the kind of day we deserve around here after the winter we just went through. Waiting for the ice to go off Fish in a Barrel Pond, I spent it stoking the fire at Bobo’s and attempting some video. The result:

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6 thoughts on “A Good Day to Make Syrup

  1. Buggy D

    Not bad for a first attempt Mr. Rudimentary. We were glad to see some bare patches among the snow piles in the woods. You can’t imagine how depressing it was to tramp around our hills and to still see some fragments of snow this week. But, our daffodils are in full bloom!

  2. Gramps

    Enjoyed your video very, very much. So soothing and comfortable with the musical background. Looks like the syrup business is full steam ahead. Nice to be back posting on your blog, Quill…..

  3. Bob Stanton

    Love the last shot -sunlight through maple syrup. Prettier than any stained glass window I’ve ever seen.

  4. I think you’re being way too hard on yourself. Great video. Makes me want to drive north.

  5. Todd

    Nice video, I can taste it already. See you in June! Todd

  6. Sara Lyn Stanfield

    Hello, Quill!

    I think this video gives a good sense of how long it takes to boil maple sap down into syrup. Using the sky to show the passage of time was brilliant! And it gave me a peaceful feeling!

    THANKS! Sara Lyn =)

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