Something Different: Pictures of Lily

Some dimwit clicked the “like” button on a recent post to this blog and, of course, I took the bait and clicked the link. To get a fly fishing reference in here I should write that “I rose to the well-presented offering” but this particular dimwit doesn’t strike me as able to stand still long enough to be much of an angler. He also likes his whisky with an e.

Chris Hinton’s blog is an odd amalgam of whatever comes pouring out of his brain so follow the link above at your peril. He is also known to have yelled at his mother for not having a blog of her own but now she does and he has redeemed himself by posting some lovely photos of flowers, which I thought was nice because his mother’s blog offers support for those grieving the loss of a child.

Clara Hinton’s blog is Silent Grief Child Loss Support. She seems to me to be a nice woman, who knows what it’s like, trying to help others through very hard times.

Following the lead of a dimwit in Pittsburgh, a few photos for them:






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6 thoughts on “Something Different: Pictures of Lily

  1. Well done Quill. I’m sure the child she is mourning the loss of is the dimwit.

  2. I’m going to come back and click on those links when I have time. For now, I have to go put this song up on Facebook so it get’s out of my head. Don’t do that again, I hate uncontrolled flashbacks.

    Your young readers are reading this saying… whut, they’re Pictures of Lilies.

    I used to wake up in the morning, I used to feel so bad…

  3. Nancy Spivey


  4. Nancy Spivey

    (The photos, I mean, not the dimwit.)

  5. Indeed, follow the above blog sites at your peril. One of them is schizophrenic with a capital S, though humorous and perky, while the elder’s is sincere and helpful while inspiring a tearful eye. My god, I’ve spent too much time up there, but thanks for the opportunity!

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