From the Editor: A Clarification

Quill Gordon’s recent post “I Hear the Fishing’s Been Pretty Good” included a photo of a less than clean bathroom floor, which he believed to have been peed upon. Several individuals (none of whom were suspected to be the pee-ers in question) have suggested that this may not have been the case. In the interest of fairness we have given their theory careful consideration and feel obligated to admit that perhaps someone did not actually pee directly on the floor.

We agree it is entirely possible that a group of men, over the course of several days, merely splashed or dribbled on the floor. Then, maybe, they stepped in those splashes and dribbles and the dirt from their shoes mixed with those dribbles to form “a little mud” which someone forgot to clean up by throwing down a towel and swishing it around with their foot. It has been further suggested that “Quill Gordon should lighten up and stop sounding like my wife.”

Accepting the theory of splashes and dribbles, we regret the implication that the floor had been directly peed upon.

~The Editor

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7 thoughts on “From the Editor: A Clarification

  1. That’s the funniest shit I’ve read.

  2. That is such a good clarification. Got me to laughing and peeing down my leg!

  3. In my 57 years of standing and peeing, quite often every day as I get older, I can’t recall ever missing.

    It is what you say it is. If they want to claim it’s not what you say, then they can get on their hands and knees and clean it. Or, obviously, their wives can do it for them.

  4. As I get older I often wonder why my leg is wet after I urinate?

  5. BuggyD

    Maybe you oughta paint a target on the inside back of the toilet bowls to encourage straight shooting. Or maybe just put up splash guards. Then there’s the B&B we stayed at once that had a full length mirror behind the toilet. It might encourage better aim but the pee’er’s gotta be able to distinguish which is the real bowl!
    Good luck Quill–as the King of Siam said in the King and I, “is a puzzlement!”

  6. I think you need to add one of those life-like, stenciled images of a fly at the top, rear of the toilet bowl just below the rim. In a visible place. Every man will see that fly, pause, take careful aim, and “let fly” to try and piss it off, and thereby improve their accuracy.

  7. I suggest a sign on the toilet that says, We aim to please…please aim.

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