Photo Phrenzy, Part #1

Quill Gordon was actually let loose for a day last week and took a little road trip to Manchester, Vermont.


One dozen flies and two marked-down leaders are all I was talked into this day, but shopping was not why I drove over the mountain to Manchester.

American Museum of Fly Fishing

The real reason for my trip was a visit to the American Museum of Fly Fishing. Their current exhibit, A Graceful Rise, is a history of women in fly fishing. It is a very well done, interesting, informative and beautiful reminder that women have been fly fishing alongside men for a lot longer than most people think. A Graceful Rise is on display through April, 2012, and any anglers finding themselves in the area should definitely check it out. I am always surprised when people go to Manchester and visit the Orvis flagship store but not the American Museum of Fly Fishing. It’s right across the parking lot!

Speaking of parking lots, I don’t like them and by late afternoon I was back on the shore of Fish in a Barrel Pond.

Only 72 days left in the season.

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5 thoughts on “Photo Phrenzy, Part #1

  1. Great Photos! It must have been nice to escape for a day. The museum sounds like a great little stop, glad you had the chance to go.

  2. Looks like a great time to me. I’ve got the museum on my bucket list.

  3. theycallmeowl

    Oh boy…the new flyfishers aren’t gonna dig that “no skateboarding” sign. Orvis better get cheeky with it. 😉 lol

    love the shot of the bottom of the rockers….

  4. nanis

    Lovely photos. I’ve never seen a purple mushroom!

  5. Wow such a beautiful pictures..the museum sounds like a great little stop..Well i went through your post! and i enjoyed the stuff!

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