Flashback Whatever-the-heck-day-it-is Because I Just Don’t Know Any More

I took a road trip to Maine last spring and found this old calendar page in an antiques store near Sebago Lake.

It’s from a Currier & Ives lithograph and it shows that kids with sticks have been out-fishing men with rods for ages. Two guys in close quarters, fishing tandem flies, is a recipe for disaster even without the added pressure of being out-fished by some punk using a tree branch, and the bad day these guys are having is being made worse by the mangy cur gobbling down their catch. Hooked in the ear or in the ass, it is hard to not laugh at anglers such as these.

The folks at Gladding used the same image in 1967 for an ad in Outdoor Life magazine. They claimed it was their Aerofloat line that put the fish on that little smart alec’s stringer. Maybe they’re right, but I doubt it, even if they took a whole third of a page to make their point.

Aerofloat may have been “the champagne of fly lines” but I’m betting the twerp with the stick was using worms.

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2 thoughts on “Flashback Whatever-the-heck-day-it-is Because I Just Don’t Know Any More

  1. Nancy A Spivey


  2. Makenzy Canze

    Was there a value to this piece? I have this piece and am trying to establish a worth! Thank You

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