A Brief, Tropical Interlude

For being the season of hope and renewal, spring can be surprisingly grim.


Grim enough, even, to cause a severe flare-up of a latent case of the shack nasties, treatable only by a quick trip south. Less than a couple of hours from the dirty, glacier-like crust back home, Mrs. Gordon and I were both pleasantly surprised to find ourselves in tropical warmth, surrounded by thousands of colorful butterflies at Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory and Gardens in South Deerfield, Massachusetts.

 Knock it off. If a butterfly doesn’t make you smile, there is something seriously disconnected and wrong with you.

There was even a “nursery” where we watched butterflies and moths emerging.

The longer we sat and watched, the more we noticed.

They had other exotic critters, in their own habitats, including gruesome insects, a chameleon, and some lovely, poisonous frogs.

 And now, sitting back at home, I find this:


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2 thoughts on “A Brief, Tropical Interlude

  1. Whoa! Those are some super shots of the butterflies ( and everything else! ) I really love the bright blue one and the one that has the clear wings is unreal! Never seen anything like that one!

    The one thing I can’t figure out is why all the butterflies didn’t scatter to the four winds when you walked in!? 😉 I think you need to prove how handsome you are without that beard by showin us a little picture. I mean, if the butterflies can stand it…..

  2. Nancy Spivey

    Beautiful creatures, indeed! But Deerfield, MA? Not exactly tropical…. Though today it is 55 in Massachusetts, which is rather lovely.

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