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The Shortest, Darkest Day of the Year

It is the shortest, darkest day of the year and the sun barely peeked over the barn. Not only is this week a time for friends, family and worship, it also marks the anniversary of the day my friend Eugene very nearly became a casualty in the War on Christmas, all because he wished good will, peace and happiness to one of his fellow men. You can read about it here, in A Very Eugene Holiday Tale (now with less cussing!).

Best wishes to all, now and in the coming New Year, from everyone at Fish in a Barrel Pond. Bring on the longer days!

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A Very Eugene Holiday Tale

(Some readers may not be familiar with my friend, Eugene. They can read about a hunting trip we once took together in Careful With That Ax, Eugene and see his artistic abilities in A Craft Project With My Friend, Eugene.)

If Happy Hour at the Holiday Inn, with a beefed-up buffet and lots of festive decorations, counts as a company Christmas party and tequila counts as holiday cheer, Eugene left the company Christmas party filled with holiday cheer. As company parties go, it wasn’t bad. At least, that is, until they fired up the karaoke machine. Continue reading

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