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A Collaborative Project, After Irene

(Quill Gordon is away, on assignment.*)

My name is Ken Hall and I live in the Town of Weston, Vermont, uphill and upstream from the village proper. In the wake of the recent disaster known as That Bitch Irene, I am going to do something different with The View from Fish in a Barrel Pond for a time.

Since Irene struck New England two weeks ago, the South has been flooded, parts of Texas have burst into flames, portions of New York and Pennsylvania have washed away and I just read that four million people have been left homeless by flooding in Pakistan. The media scramble to cover event after event, feeding our apparently insatiable appetite for information, disaster, and titillation, serving up portions our devices can process and our attention spans can handle. We watch for a while, shake our heads, thank our lucky stars and move on to the next bit of misfortune while those involved in the last one pick up the pieces, which provides the segue I need to explain just what the heck will be going on around here for the next little while. Continue reading

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