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Flashback Friday: Sharing the Memories, Not the Now

We live in an age where just about anyone can quickly, and generally unbidden, share just about anything with just about anyone else, anywhere else. The problem is that, if you make it possible for just about anyone to share just about anything, most of them will.

That’s a lot of sharing.

Digital technology has become cheap and easy, as has much of the entertainment it provides, coming at us faster and faster all the time, but there was a time when it was hard to share what we are doing right this instant and had to settle for sharing what we had done instead.

Why, before we had satellites and wireless signals a guy would have to wait until he got back to camp to call his buddy at the office to brag about his big Labrador brook trout — and only if he was lucky enough to be staying at a camp with a telephone!

That camp phone doesn’t have a dial but it has a hand crank, used to get the attention of an operator, who then dialed the number for you (such service!). Doing it this way must have taken forever! Maybe even as long as a minute and a half. Continue reading

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“You Can’t Get Here From There” or, “Of Ducks and Men”

A friend recently began using one of those fancy GPS units in his car. A marvel of modern technology and engineering, this thing has a sultry female voice that recites the directions to any place he tells it he wants to go. It also has all kinds of nifty features to distract from the task at hand (driving in a safe, responsible manner) as he pushes its little buttons and squints at its tiny screen. It even has a suction cup that allows him to stick it to the inside of his windshield, leaving his hands free for eating, drinking and other important tasks like typing messages with his thumbs. Or finding a place with cell phone coverage so he can call me to help figure out where the heck he is.

Close-up of an actual Vermont map

I’ve heard it is possible now to get one of these GPS things with the voice of a celebrity to tell you when and where to turn. If I were to get one I would want Sean Connery’s voice, just to hear him say “Podunk, Vermont”. Continue reading

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