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The Buddy System

There are a lot of links pointing to this post but stripping them out just seems too daunting a task and if I leave them in you’ll get one of those impersonal Error 404 Not Found notices, but the fact of the matter is that “The Buddy System” is no longer here. It has been taken down, given a good thrashing, and now exists in e-reader format, available for downloading to both Kindle and Nook devices.

Quill Gordon’s Story Time

Tales of the Outdoors for Anglers and Others

One Story, One Dollar

“The Buddy System”

It has been said that all fishermen are liars but when Jim Davis dies during a visit to Fish in a Barrel Pond his fishing buddies are forced to concoct a real whopper. Find out if they will be able to keep their own secret in this humorous short story of life at a fishing camp by Quill Gordon.

Click here for “The Buddy System” for Kindle (Amazon)

Click here for “The Buddy System” for Nook (Barnes & Noble)

Buddy System

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