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Flashback Friday Flashback: Hemingway the Poet

When a post appeared on The Literary Fly Fisher a few weeks ago, announcing the University of Idaho’s 7th Annual Hemingway Festival, I went digging for a copy of “Big Two-Hearted River” because it is such a good fishing story about more than fishing. Then I dug up a copy of “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber” because that shot from the 6.5 Mannlicher still buckles my knees.

Thank you to The Literary Fly Fisher for the reminder that an evening spent reading Ernest Hemingway ain’t such a bad thing.

We have honored Ernest Hemingway once before on these pages with Flashback Friday: Great Moments in Literary History, which involved a small trout. Today, as a tribute to those about to gather at the Best Western Inn in Moscow, Idaho, we honor him again by sharing a recent find.

Pirated Edition!

Pirated Edition!

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Quill’s Poetry Corner

It’s still ten below at ten o’clock and the first pot of coffee just kicked in, half-way through the second. A hoary morning, for sure, and even though the sun shines bright through a clear lens of chill arctic air, dark shadows loom, stretching northward across the ice, clawing for purchase while being drawn slowly south.

I’ll go back out, soon enough, but for now I am content to sit across from a south-facing window and study poetry. Everyone could benefit from a little poetry now and then, so I share with you now what I am reading today.

Lines Upon a Tranquil Brow

by Walt Kelly

Have you ever,

while pondering the ways of the morn,

thought to save just a bit,

just a drop in the horn,

to pour in the evening or late afternoon

or during the night when we’re

shining the moon?

Have you ever cried out,

while counting the snow,

while watching the tomtit warble

hello …

“Break out the cigars, this life

is for squirrels;

we’re off to the drugstore

to whistle at girls”

(Used with love, but not permission)

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