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Flashback Friday: Late, but with Appropriate Shoes

It’s surprising how scuffed the back of a magazine can become when it spends six months in a pile, waiting to be photographed for a blog post, especially considering the fact that I have magazines in better shape that were printed 70 or more years ago. Some things are just not made to last anymore, or at least stand up to normal use, and I’m pretty sure the guy in this Louis Vuitton ad is about to ruin his shoes. If his shoes aren’t ruined by the water flowing over those rocks his suit will be ruined for sure if he takes another step, not to mention the damage to his coccyx .

Louis Vuitton shoes

Not that those shoes are intended for use as suggested by this ad, unless they have fancy aluminum crampon bars attached to the soles, but even then their finish would surely be marred. While it might be hard for some to imagine a reasonable person wearing those shoes anywhere but to the office or a funeral, my experience at Fish in a Barrel Pond is with fly fishers, not reasonable people. Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: If the Shoe Fits

The image of a fisherman used by Bass Footwear in the late 1940s is that of a rugged outdoorsman; a guy who looks like he belongs on a rock in the middle of a stream, holding a rather nice brook trout he might just cook up, streamside, as soon as he hops to shore. He’s got the boots to do it in, too. Leaving the issue of his trousers aside, all in all he’s quite a specimen.

Within just a few short years, though, a new kind of outdoorsman was emerging and Bass replaced the man who hopped rocks amid torrents, wearing jodhpurs with tall wool socks rolled over the tops of his boots, with a man who, instead of hopping, evidently pranced.

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