Maybe It’s a Vermont Thing

Sometimes it seems more than coincidence that I decide to post a photo, only to find someone else has posted a photo just like it, and so I don’t. Who needs another picture of a cattail or some tree bark or ice?

Maybe it’s a Vermont thing, marking the passing of time according to such subtleties. More than a few photographers and writers seem to hit on the same things at the same time, independently of each other, and the influence of place becomes apparent.

As proof, here’s a short list of blogs I follow because they, too, see the beauty of bare branches, find wisdom in stone walls and know where the first coltsfoot will bloom:

John Hadden Photography – We have a similar eye but he is much more punctual about posting. Of course, you have to get up pretty early to beat his East Street Weather Blog.

Leaf and Twig – Observation and Imagination Meet Nature in Poetry.

Stony Soil Vermont – A way with words I wish I had. Only a Vermonter could see past the mud to “sunlight so intensely bright it lay like shining gold coins on the shallow dips of water that spread out all around our house, as though we were a ship on a rippling sea.”

quotidiously/the spaces between – Nice images of simple things, often overlooked.

Welcome to Pairodox – Exploring the science and beauty of rural life. Farming, photos and some pretty nifty prose.

Over the last week or so, flowing water and cold night air have created some interesting opportunities with the camera and I know I’m not the only one who noticed. I hope I’m the only one who fell on his ass getting the shots.

(Click to enlarge)

An ancient stone dam

































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12 thoughts on “Maybe It’s a Vermont Thing

  1. Buggy

    Beeootiful! Now I know why they call it “Bubble Wrap”! That 4th picture in the sequence sure looks like bubble wrap. By the way, your way with words ain’t so bad ya know. HAPPY SPRING Quill!

  2. Woolybugah

    Great eye for natural beauty Mr. Quill. Your revery will soon be over however, us “flatlanders” are begining to think about “fishin”.

    • Ah, yes, the fishing flatlanders, all naturally beautiful themselves. I was thinking about fishing just the other day, daydreaming, but then I got back to counting pillows and sanding toilet seats.

      Only five weeks to Opening Day …

  3. Hey Quill,
    The photos look so beautiful… hope you didn’t hurt yourself though, it does look incredibly slippery!
    I absolutely love the cascading icicles, very pretty.

    • Hello, Laura!

      I used a telephoto lens so I was away from the ice. Stepped in a hole and landed on a very soggy mound of moss. That spot collects great ice all winter long and it is always different. I’m glad you like the icicles.

  4. At best I think of my stuff as mediocre and repetitive, but I put them up anyway when I have the time. They are mine after all and I can live with that.

    Nice ice and thanks for the blog list.

    • You’re welcome.

      There are definitely better photographers out there but that doesn’t stop me often. At first, I guess, some pictures started seeming cliche, like covered bridges and pretty leaves, and I felt like one more served no purpose but then I started looking at it differently; those are all people who live in Vermont year round and we are recording the same things independently, but in different spots and with different eyes. With no conscious effort, the batches of similar photos show how influenced we are by a sense of place, which Vermont has in spades.

      Or, it’s what happens to creative types when they spend six months of the year looking at sticks and rocks and ice.

      I think there will be another boil or two at Bobo’s this weekend, I’ll go make you some more syrup.

      • I recently found another local photographer that wanders around a lot of the same places I do, sometimes shooting the exact same subject. That makes 3 of us out there wandering around doing this that I know of.

        It is interesting to compare how we all view the same subjects. I am surprised I haven’t run into them yet. And like you, the sense of place comes out. This is farm country with occasional stands of trees and a number of little creeks. We seem to all be gravitating to the same things.

        I am setting aside the cash I need to get at least a half gallon of Bobo’s syrup and I want to try that smoked syrup in a few recipes. That looks real interesting.

        Enjoy your remaining days before the hordes of summer residents descend on you.

  5. Sara Lyn Stanfield

    Hello, Quill!

    THANK YOU so much for the photos! I had wanted to photograph our frozen waterfall but Winter never was cold enough to create the ice that I thought Mother Nature could conjure. I see from your photos the possibilities so I will be more tuned in next Winter to get my own photos in my backyard.

    You may have photographic competition for subject matter but, hopefully, the audience varies. Yours are the first “ice fall” photos that I have seen.

    Sorry that you fell! All true artists must suffer in some way for their art. =)

    Enjoy the Maple Syrup! Sara Lyn

    • Hello, Sara Lyn!

      It was a small mis-step in a tiny brook but I shudder to imagine the damage if I hadn’t landed on my head!

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