#challengeonnaturephotography Day 2

There is a challenge going on over at facebook, where people are asked to post a nature photo every day for seven days and challenge another person to do so each day. Challenged by Ken G of Waterdog Journal fame, my first photo went up last evening but not without issue. You can see it by heading to the Quill Gordon page on facebook, or take a peek at it in our last post Cold and Cold Running Water. It’s the middle one of the three, the one Mike Sepelak liked, showing that, despite rumors to the contrary, he is capable of demonstrating good taste from time to time.

Because 1) I don’t have the authority to tell anyone else what to do, 2) can’t seem to link to anyone on facebook even if I did have the aforementioned authority, and 3) I feel much more comfortable here, letting things get posted there automatically, I call on all seven readers of this blog to post their own photos and issue challenges to anyone they wish.

With that part of the challenge covered, here is my photo for Day 2, some lovely fungus I found while wandering around on an exceptionally mild December afternoon:



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