Struck Dumb

Having spent countless hours watching others fly fish, I can say I’ve learned a thing or two from the anglers of Fish in a Barrel Pond. More than the same old tips, tricks and “wisdom” that most of us have heard a hundred times before, a lot of what I pick up is subtle and nuanced, yet profound, and a few of these gems go so far as to challenge some of my most cherished and long-held fly fishing assumptions.

For example, in my previous post, “Halfway Through the Season,” I stood firm in my belief that when a man hands me a highball glass and asks me what the heck a guy has to do to catch fish around here, the proper response is to declare myself no expert but suggest that it probably doesn’t involve highball glasses.

My position wavered not, even when the situation was complicated by the fact that the man in question was also in his underwear, but my stance has since softened. Sooner or later, one is bound to see it all and, thanks to a kindly proctologist from the Cape, I now know that a man drinking Scotch in his underwear is just as likely as the next guy to catch a fish, as long as there’s a rod in his hand and he’s got a fly on the water.

The anglers of Fish in a Barrel Pond are not the only things that leave me speechless. Here are this year’s Obligatory Vermont Fall Foliage Photos (click one to enlarge or view as a slide show):




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14 thoughts on “Struck Dumb

  1. You know they say we spend our time re-learning things we should know or have already known. Such is fly fishing or any fishing for that matter.

    Thanks, my friend, for sharing some strikingly beautiful images of the Fall season from Fish in the Barrel Pond.

  2. Glad to see you made it through another season and you actually sound sane. Nice shots. We’re not quite there yet here in the flatlands.

  3. BKB6363

    Beautiful shots Quill! Hope all is well at FITBP.

    • Thanks, B! I originally posted something different in response, having confused my friends with first and last names beginning with B. Now I’ve changed it to a more appropriate “Go Broncos!”

  4. Woolybugah

    Despite how colorful the yellow aspens of the west are against the evergreens NOTHING beats New England fall for colors especially surrounding a trout filled pond. Nice job Mr.Quill.

  5. Maybe that’s my problem. No underwear.

    Welcome back!

  6. Thanks Quill, for reminding and showing me some of what I missed by not being at Fish in a Barrel Pond this season. Nice pics!

    • You didn’t miss nothing but good times and fine fishing, Don. I know how you hate that stuff.

      I include you among those I know who have caught fish in their underwear, although you had neither Scotch nor rod at the time. How he got in your underwear, I’ll never know.

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  8. Reblogged this on Gin Clear and commented:
    A moment in time that can last forever. Great post, Quill!

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