Of an Evening


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7 thoughts on “Of an Evening

  1. BuggyD

    Just gazing at that picture, I can hear the hermit thrush fluting from the woods and maybe a cedar waxwing darting out for a big drake and, if I’m really lucky, the call of a loon from Green Dragonfly Cove. And of course, there was nary a mosquito to be seen (felt or heard), right?.

  2. That’s a beautiful photo looking toward Porter Cove. Perfect light, water, reflections, and I agree with Buggy D, the call of the thrush and maybe a white-throated sparrow as well is there, you just have to listen. In my mind, I hear them…the loon would be the icing on the cake. Thanks for the stimulus to memories!
    Couldn’t you have waited until there was a rising trout on the lake, right in the foreground in the reflection of the sky?? Ha! :mrgreen: Just kidding!

  3. The lakes I used to go to in Virginia looked a lot like this at sunset. A lot of times I would take the opposite view. Go tuck myself into a dark cove in a canoe and watch the light disappear on the opposite shore. Then a slow paddle back tossing topwaters in the dark and listening to unseen bass blow up on them. Then the bats, I learned to make a high pitched noise that would bring them to within inches of my head. So easily entertained. Who needs television.

  4. What a beautiful wrap up to another great day on the water. Now, comes the still of the night.

  5. The white-throat and the hermit have ceased their piping here. I think back to the brown that I released 10 minutes ago, then flip off the cap from a Phin & Matt’s Ale. Thanks for letting me in….

  6. Nancy Spivey

    You are such an amazing photographer.

  7. Spectacular!

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