Introducing Quill Gordon’s Story Time

Strange noises have been heard in our little valley for the past six weeks or so, leading some to believe the Nonesuch Mountain Howler once again roams the hills of Vermont, but I assure you the sounds have been nothing more than Quill Gordon learning new skills and entering the 21st Century.

Introducing Quill Gordon’s Story Time

Tales of the Outdoors for Anglers and Others

Short Stories for Kindle and Nook 

Three short stories, posted on these pages years ago and languishing ever since, have been taken down, given a good thrashing and a new set of clothes, and tossed out into the world to make it on their own in e-reader format. New stories will be added to the selection on a semi-regular basis, along with other dusted off gems from the archives, but these three will do for now, as the results of a long, frustrating process. I hope they meet with your approval. I’ll give you your dollar back myself if they don’t.

Buddy System

“The Buddy System” for Kindle (Amazon)

“The Buddy System” for Nook (Barnes & Noble)



“The Conflagration at Green Damselfly Cove” for Kindle (Amazon)

“The Conflagration at Green Damselfly Cove” for Nook (Barnes & Noble)


teach a man cover2compressed

“Teach a Man to Fish …” for Kindle (Amazon)

“Teach a Man to Fish … ” for Nook (Barnes & Noble)


Don’t have an e-reader? Check them out on your computer!

Find Kindle for PC here.

Find Nook for PC here.

Find Kindle for Mac here.

Find Nook for Mac here.

Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble offer a variety of FREE ways to access e-books on just about any device you can think of!


A note to my friends outside the U.S. : Amazon is new to Canada and I am doing everything I can to be available up there, as soon as possible. Great Britain is next, with a completely different way of doing things, and if one of my French speaking friends can help translate my blurbs and biography we’ll set up shop there, too. If Quill Gordon’s Story Time is not available in your country, wherever you are, let me know and we’ll see if we can’t fix it.

All feedback is welcome. Click the Contact Quill tab at the top of this page and drop me a note!

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19 thoughts on “Introducing Quill Gordon’s Story Time

  1. This is a double-edged sword for me. I’m extremely happy that you’ve made the leap (I suspect without a parachute!) into the 21st century! I know these “books” will be successful. That’s the rub…I myself haven’t entered into the 21st century yet. Much success!

    • Nope, no parachute, but part of me is still hanging by a thread in the 1900s. Posting on a blog is much easier than doing e-book conversions, so no worries for my friends who don’t have one of those infernal devices. I’ll be back on the path of least resistance for a while, maybe even with a couple of Flashback Fridays and other fun stuff.

    • Howard! You can download this:

      And read the books on your PC. I am doing it for my Mac. Very easy. 🙂 I haven’t entered the 21st century either!

  2. Pete


  3. Great scott, Quill, that is outstanding! Now I just have to add one of them Nooks or Kindles to my long wish list.

  4. All feels right with the world! Can’t wait to share the news!

  5. Nancy Spivey

    Congratulations! This is very cool!

  6. frugalflyfisher

    I’m concerned as an analog man (check out Joe Walsh’s album of the same name), that your pearls of wisdom and insight into human nature will one day be unavailable by primitive PC methods.

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  8. Gee, I clicked on the Kindle link and it actually took me to! Cool! I was expecting another sort of usual Quill Gordon deception…or at the very least, some other type of humorous diversion. BTW – Steve S. mentioned to me last Saturday that he’ll be calling you on Day One to reserve time for the Yellow Drake Hatch.
    Nice work Quill, really!

    • Now, now. Why on earth would you suspect anything but the unvarnished truth from me?

      Once all the reservations are in I will schedule the hatches.

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