Having Fun or Not, Time Flies


What Would Quill Gordon Do?

When the workday is through, and he has a choice, do you suppose he would choose A):

or B):

The correct answer, of course, is “B” but sometimes it is “C” which involves falling asleep in a large, comfortable recliner like normal people.


Q & A

Question: “Quill, if I just give you some money will you take me out and show me how to fish this darn lake?”

Answer: “No.”

Question: “Quill, would you like to go fishing with me?”

Answer: “Oh, yes! That would be delightful.”


Trout rise on a misty morning, while anglers sleep. Maybe they (the anglers) are just tired from fishing the evening rise the night before.



 Technology to the rescue?

Do we really live in a world where it’s just too darn slow and inconvenient to open the envelope we’re already holding in our hands? Call me Old School but I’m getting my free sticker, even if it takes the next six seconds.



What happens to a mouse when it gets so fat it can’t squeeze back through the crack where the wall meets the ceiling?

 Got one leg with the shop-vac but had to pull the rest down by hand.


Spider, Catskill Style

Free Range, Organic Pest Control






“The true worth of fishing, as the experienced, sophisticated angler comes to realize, lies in the memorable contacts with people and other living creatures, scenes and places, and the living waters, great and small which it provides.” – Sparse Grey Hackle

“Maybe your stature as a fly fisherman isn’t determined by how big a trout you can catch, but by how small a trout you can catch without being disappointed.” – John Gierach

“Shut up and fish.” – Quill Gordon

Fish in a Barrel Pond, June 3, 2012

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15 thoughts on “Having Fun or Not, Time Flies

  1. Real nice pics Quill…it looks like Johnny and I will be seeing you first weekend in Oct….get your drinking shoes polished!

    • I’ll put new laces in my steel-toe drinking shoes, just for you. We’ll get Johnny all tucked into bed early and have some fun!

  2. Sort of an ala carte post. I do those myself now and again.

  3. Your priorities are straight!
    Beautiful photos…and I’ve had a bit of war with The Mice this past week too.

    • Took a while to get them that way!

      I found the mouse skeleton while cleaning for Opening Day. Fat little dude hung there all winter. One group of guys who come up here set traps with their initials on them, throwing a dollar a trap into a pot. First trap sprung each round wins the pot. They can play all night, several nights in a row, during a good season.

  4. Woolybugah

    That Sparse Gray Hackle dude had it rightr man!!

  5. Hi Quill,
    I’ll be seeing you this Sunday, June 10th. Can’t wait to tie flies & fish! Among other things while there at “Camp Hate-to-Leave-It.”
    And that idea of mousetraps with initials and a little “care to make it interesting” plan is definitely on my deer camp next December. I also see a little straw-drawing or coin-flipping to start it off, to see who gets first pick of the prime trap locations.
    I have some beaver fly recipes for you; I’m bringing my tying stuff and the recipes printed off…and are you ready for a wet fly lesson? Carrie Stevens Streamer patterns maybe? See you soon!

    • Looks like a stretch of nice weather coming up. Last week’s rain cooled the water quite a bit — slowed down the hatches some but I think they’ll pick back up. Quite a mix of stuff going on, with yellow drakes popping in the evenings while small dark spinners are coming down, a trickle of BWOs all day with yellow drake spinners falling. Sulfurs, midges, caddis, damsels, etc. all making things quite interesting.

      Got your email with recipes for flies using beaver fur and yes I’m ready to learn more about tying wets. Carrie Stevens Streamers sound great!

      Have a safe trip over tomorrow!

      (Maybe we can create something using mouse fur?)

  6. zakursj

    Shut-up and Fish! I am removing my ass from my office chair and heading for water!

  7. Damn I’m a slow learner. My warning to other readers. Don’t swallow anything liquid before opening up this site. Thanks Quill for some more chuckles and belly laughs.

  8. I’ve taken a hiatus from writing and reading too many words. Was a pleasure to come and just look at pictures and not process much else. Perfect timing Quill, now go fish.

  9. Good post, Quill. I am inspired.


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