Snow Wraiths

The Outdoor Blogger Network’s most recent photo prompt is “The Look of Winter.” A week ago I would have posted a photo of brown woods and green ice. Today, I post this:

Fish in a Barrel Pond, January 13, 2012


One 1250th of a second. A random snippet of time, an instant, now long gone — never to occur again — but preserved forever in cyber space. Weird.

That image says something, conveys a feeling, suggests a mood, but it is just one tiny note in an opus. This little opus here is a bit more than 150,000 notes long:


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5 thoughts on “Snow Wraiths

  1. As I was looking at this, my wife walks up behind me. I comment…what a bleak looking spot on earth.

    She says….yep, I’d go there in the fall, otherwise I have no interest.

    You’re a hearty fellow Quill.

    • Well, it’s not like I spend all my time out in it. Bundling up, and knowing there is a nice fire in the stove back at the house helps a lot. It does look rather tundra-ish, doesn’t it?

  2. Definitely the epitome of winter…well done.

    • All I did was stand out there for two minutes, taking a couple of photos and the video. Then it was a dash home for a hot cup of tea by the stove. Yeah, that kind of sums up winter pretty good. Nice to be out there for a little while but nicer to get out of it.

  3. Buggyd

    Love the wraiths Quill! We walked around a local reservoir on Monday and got to listen to amazing sounds from the newly-formed ice–cracks, booms, burps, pings and more. No snow to make wraiths but maybe by this weekend.
    Liked the Walt Kelly poem too. Thanks for sharing! Gotta go give Stretch her evening snack now.
    Ms. Buggy D

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