On the Last Afternoon of the Year















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9 thoughts on “On the Last Afternoon of the Year

  1. Cool photos….. or is it cold photos? Neat blog…..

  2. Brrrrrrrrr. B-b-b-but b-b-b-beautiful.

    Happy New Year!

  3. The aliens have returned in ships shaped like clouds.
    They are using ice rays to freeze everything and subdue us.

    I know I don’t feel like moving around much in this weather.

  4. Won’t be long now, Quill, until you can get out your tip-ups and ice skates.

  5. Thanks for a great year, looking forward to more of the same in the coming year.


  6. Had to warm my fingers up a bit to be able to respond! Beautiful.

  7. Hey, kid Quill. Nice work you and nature do together. Try printing up that last one, the space ship freeze aliens, in black and white.
    My friend Squidward slipped out of the Cape of Cod and we drifted the intracoastal near Jupiter. A stiff breeze, a ripping current. More often than not cancelling each other out. So no drift. Out in the salty salts what do I pick but a catfish. Out in the salty salts Squid pulls a sea trout. Crazy.

  8. Just Beautiful.

  9. Woolybugah

    Beatuiful work Mr.Quill. Mother Nature makes us cower one minute and smile the the next. Look forward to more in 2012 now that I have my new Mayan calendar all is right with the world.

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