And So This is Winter

As if on cue, rain started to fall shortly after I began writing A Pause in the Wobble the other day. As I wrote, the ice went from being hard, like thick glass, to something softer and more pliable, like plastic, as a giant puddle formed across its surface.

The rain that fell could only spread out across the level sheet and the mild air kept it from freezing, creating a lake on top of a lake.

(True story: I once had to transport a queen-size bed halfway across the state of Vermont and then across a mile and a half of ice on Lake Champlain. Used a pickup truck and, of course, it rained. It rained a lot. It rained so much there was six inches of water standing on the ice when we got there so I walked the entire way, slipping and splashing, looking for holes, while Mrs. Gordon and her brother followed slowly in the truck, doors open and seat belts off, just in case. Kind of like Ice Road Truckers, but with a lot more screaming. Mrs. Gordon was a little upset, too.)

The images above are just not what one would expect to see in Vermont a few days before Christmas, but as quickly as things changed the other night, they changed again last night and these are some pictures I took when I went out this morning:

They look black and white but those photos are in color. A couple even show faint patches of blue sky. In the time between taking those pictures and writing these words, the clouds parted, the sun came out and every bit of snow melted off the trees.

I can’t wait to see what it looks like tomorrow.

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17 thoughts on “And So This is Winter

  1. Pretty amazing images. Some of the latter ones look like the lake is being lit from underneath.
    Forecast is calling for 40 degrees every day for the next 10 days out Illinois way.
    I have a feeling January is really going to suck around here. This is just too odd.

    Happy Holidays Quill.

    • The cracks and ridges sure do funny things with the available light. It’s pretty, all covered with snow, but I like the exposed sheet better. We are supposed to be relatively mild for a while, but cold nights and more snow should mean the ice is here until April.

      January always sucks, odd or not.

      Happy Holidays to you, you old water dog!

  2. For me, those photos shout December’s ‘into the mystic’ black & white appeal!

    • I know what you mean, Walt. Sometimes I have to check my settings to be sure I am shooting in color. Sometimes I just stand and stare and forget to take pictures at all. “Mystic” sums it up well.

  3. Great photos and story, My wife’s family is from West Chazy, NY and I am in love with the area. Just subscribed and can’t wait to read more.

    • Hello, Dan. Way upstate NY and northern VT are lovely. Thanks for subscribing! I’ve got your link saved and look forward to poking around on your blog, too.

  4. Beautiful country. Merry Christmas Quill!

  5. Hi Quill;
    Love the photos! Having been to Fish in a Barrel it makes me feel more connected just looking at the photos. Have a good Christmas!

  6. Nancy Spivey

    Ah, New England!

  7. Buggyd

    Lovely pictures, great narration. Ain’t nature grand! 🙂 Merry Christmas Quill and Ms. Gordon!
    Ms. Buggy D

  8. Buggyd

    Oh, and Stretch sends Christmas greetings to the cats!
    Ms. Buggy D

    • I hope Stretch doesn’t mind being an afterthought like that. Merry Christmas to you guys. Hope you can make it up for a little winter stroll around the lake!

  9. Always keeps one’s interest, eh? Same thing here…the 30 inches of snow that dropped last Thursday was blown all off the trees in yesterday’s wind storm. it was a blizzard all over again. Your photos are amazing….I did think they were B&W!

  10. that guy

    Keep em comin fish man. Happy wobble to you.

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