Summertime Blues

January 24, 2011

There was a day six months ago that made me wish for a day, six months hence, that would essentially be its opposite. Today is that day.

I will remind myself, six months from now, to not be so melodramatic. I will shut up and eat my pancakes and my pancakes will taste like summer.

When the winter wind screams and old wood groans from the cold, I will think of hot summer air so thick I don’t so much walk as swim slowly from place to place. When my boogers freeze I will remember sweat in my eyes, and when my ears burn from frost I will remember the scorching they got because I was too vain to wear my big floppy hat.

The bears haven’t come down yet, but once they do the season is pretty much over. There won’t be a berry left here when they are through, but we know of other, secret, patches to pick, assuming the bears don’t get there first. 

There are those who say wild berries are too small — tedious and not worth the effort or time — prefering instead the domesticated, high bush varieties with fruit big around as dimes. I like those, too, but there is something to be said for things that are small, untamed and hard to find. Blueberries or brook trout, I will side with the scraggly natives every time.

And so it is that, after a few of the hottest hours of the hottest day of the year — spent bent over, dripping sweat and swatting flies, pulling ticks while pawing through grass and brambles and avoiding poison ivy (I hope) — I have to say I probably wouldn’t mind too much if I saw a snow flake or two.

Pardon me while I go powder my thighs.

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6 thoughts on “Summertime Blues

  1. I miss winter!

  2. Dick Heffernon

    Ahh blueberries!! Always banish thoughts of winter. When I was a kid they still put milk in glass jars(It’s true). We had low & high bush blueberries on our property. Mom would send me out with a quart glass jar and said if I filled it up and brought it home she’d make me a pie. I’d go out pick the berries and fill the jar but those berries looked and tasted so good, I never made it home with a full jar-so I never got a pie.

  3. Paul — Winter will be here soon enough, I guess. Too bad it doesn’t leave as quickly as it comes.

    Mr. H — Is that a hint? If we can get another gallon or two in the freezer, I’ll see what I can do about a pie this fall. Of course, you know it won’t go well with Doritos …

  4. “Pardon me while I go powder my thighs.”

    Goodness you are funny

  5. Nancy Spivey

    I detest the extremes. I hate being cold, but even more, I hate this heavy, oppressive heat.
    Thanks for making me smile at it all, though.

  6. I really enjoyed reading this. Your style of writing is right up my alley.

    It is funny how, at some point, we take all of the seasons for granted, wishing for the next. 🙂

    Home Skillet

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