Flashback Friday: A Certain Type of Guy, Looking Good

I have heard it said that golf was invented to keep a certain type of person off the water. I have heard it the other way around, too, with fly fishing keeping a certain type of person off the links.

These two are evidently kept off both water and links by their fellow outdoorsmen. I don’t even know them and find them a bit irksome for some reason. 

Of course, it could be that they are the kind of guy who, even though he is not actually fishing or golfing right this minute, likes to look as if he could, at any minute, if he really wanted to. (Not that I would know anyone like that.)

Then again, maybe they just live in this part of Vermont where, even though trout season opens on State waters tomorrow, there ain’t much for a guy to do except stand around, fondling his rod.

Fish in a Barrel Pond April 7, 2011

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