First Winter Photos (Before Winter Even Begins)

I raised an eyebrow at the temperature when I stepped outside yesterday and that eyebrow stayed up for most of the morning and I walked around, looking kind of surprised, like one of those Botox ladies. I’m not sure how surprised I actually was, knowing for a long time that this day was coming, the day I trade flannel-lined dungarees for long-johns and wool trousers and my footwear consists solely of Sorels for outdoors and house slippers for in.

A Barred Owl has been showing its concern for the welfare of the chickens, flying in every afternoon for a look-see.

I let out a little “woof” and the inside of my nose got stiff when I went out this morning and I guess at my age that’s close enough to frozen boogers to say “It’s cold.” It’s going to get colder, too, just like it does every winter and when it gets like this we have three choices: Embrace it, endure it or leave. One of these days I’ll leave, at least for a while, but in the meantime I spend winter going back and forth between choice 1 and choice 2.

Today I embrace the coming of winter because it’s just so darn lovely down by the brook.

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2 thoughts on “First Winter Photos (Before Winter Even Begins)

  1. Nancy Spivey

    Awesome photos. The last one is my favorite.

    I find the cold is harder to bear as I get older, but I agree with you, winter can be mighty pretty.

  2. I actually love the winter. Very nice and chilly photos.

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