I Like Fall





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8 thoughts on “I Like Fall

  1. Beautiful! Being ignorant, I have to ask what those critters you caught are.

  2. Pictures! Pretty pictures!

    Quill, you’ve been tagged. You can disregard, though.


  3. Ever since I’ve been up here I like fall too.

    Can I have a lobster?

  4. Beautiful! We don’t get the colors here.

    Are those prawns on top?

  5. Quill Gordon

    Wanda recognized them right away; them critters be lobstahs. Those boxes were their First Class accomodations for the six hour car ride from Maine. The members of the Neverwas Nonesuch Angling Society know how to party.

    With four weeks left in the season, I am looking forward to spending more time here with my internet friends but I am really looking forward to a nap. Six months is a long time to go without a day off.

  6. Enjoy the end of the season and your nap. We’re waiting to read all about it.

  7. pandemonic

    The only thing I like about your fall is your lobsters.

    Fall is a depressing time for me. It’s the prelude to winter. Yuck.

  8. Your falls are beautiful, and your winters are intense. I’m not sure I could handle your winters just to have some beautiful leaves for awhile.

    Well, maybe if you threw in a few lobster tails…

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