The Conflagration at Green Damselfly Cove

This story has been taken down, dusted off, and given a good thrashing. There are just too many links scattered among these pages to go through, cleaning them all up, and I certainly don’t want to delete this title and have you run into one of those 404 Not Found notices.

As a result of the thrashing it received, The Conflagration at Green Damselfly Cove is now available in e-book form for both Kindle and Nook devices.

Quill Gordon’s Story Time

Tales of the Outdoors for Anglers and Others

One Story, One Dollar

The Conflagration at Green Damselfly Cove for Kindle (Amazon)

The Conflagration at Green Damselfly Cove for Nook (Barnes & Noble)

Quill Gordon

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6 thoughts on “The Conflagration at Green Damselfly Cove

  1. You should put these stories in book form. You could make a small fortune, maybe a big one.

  2. I think that was the perfect end to the set of Louis L’Amour!

    You did a great job with this one from start to finish!

  3. “No good can come from it.” <—- Hahahaha. I like when people make statements of this nature.

    And I like Beatniks! There is street named after Jack Kerouac in San Francisco. Mayhaps I take a picture.

    And you’re a swell storyteller!

  4. Shawn’s right.

  5. How about we start one at a time, in e-reader format?

  6. Greaat post thanks

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