Tagged, Indeed.

I finally figured out what the “incoming links” section of my blog stat page was for when I recently clicked on one of the links that appeared there. Seems my friend WANDA has picked me to participate in a little game of tag. I am one of five people she tagged so you can see how quickly we can spread the misery when each of them tags five people and they tag five people and so on and so on …

Following the rules as I understand them, I must post five links to things I’ve posted. 

 Link one must be about family. Okay, here’s about as much family as I can stand:

Get a Real Job

Link two must be about friends. Here are two links about one friend:

A Craft Project With My Friend, Eugene

Careful With That Axe, Eugene

Link three must be about myself. Fine. You’ll learn more about me by reading my stuff than any other way and I’m not up for writing something new so I give you this:

Who the Hell is Quill Gordon?

Link four must be about something I love. How about a man and a place that I loved?

A Good Man Passes. 

Link five can be anything I want. I want you to read this:

Robbie Brown’s New Dungarees

And now the rules of this game call on me to tag five or more other people, two of whom must be new acquaintances so that we may get to know each other better. Okay, but I’m not doing any team-building exercises or singing Kumbaya.

I tag Shadodottir. She works at a library and has long hair which is nearly enough for me. She is also a talented musician and her book reviews are quite well done.

I tag this lovely, lost woman and her blog, Dazed Capades. She always shows me another side of the everyday.

Ivy has a way with words that makes me swoon.

I would really like to spend a few hours with Jackie but I don’t think she’d sit still that long.

Shawn has a big heart and unshakable faith. I have to respect that. The fact she’s not afraid to associate with phreaks helps, too.

Anners Scribonia dazzles me with her outlook and take on things. Her grasp on history is superior and she makes me wish I had continued with a little more than a couple of years of high school Latin. Latin has helped me immensely with my understanding of English. It even helped once at a Chinese restaurant when I was able to say, “Cogito ergo dim sum,” which I believe means “I think these are egg rolls.”

There. That’s six. I don’t know what it means that they are all women. The rules of the game insist that they must now do what I did with the five links to their own stuff and the tagging of other unsuspecting folk.

If I have tagged anyone who has already been tagged and is just sick and tired of the whole thing, I apologize. On the other hand, if you really, really wanted to play and got left out, I am sorry for that, too.

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12 thoughts on “Tagged, Indeed.

  1. Anners, eh? Friend stealer.

  2. Anners Scribonia

    At least he doesn’t steal other peoples’ boyfriends like you do, Wanda.

    Cogito Ergo Dim Sum! Hee Hee. Actually my grasp of Latin is declining more and more as each day passes. But it helped my English, too.

    Quill, you’re the nicest dude ever.

  3. Quill Gordon

    Wanda – Yep, just like that I stole yer pal. I will make a special sandwich today to celebrate. (Sorry. Guess I didn’t see the fine print that said not to make eye contact with Wanda’s posse.)

    Anners – If I am the nicest dude ever we are all in a bit of trouble. None the less, I tip my hat to you, which is a sure sign of winter’s decline because a month ago the hat pretty much stayed put due to the cold.

  4. A pepperoni and cheese sandwich?

  5. Great. Now you have me thinking about that sandwich. You are so dead.

  6. pandemonic

    Thank you for not tagging me. I would have had to hunt you down like a dog and flog you.

  7. Quill Gordon

    Pandemonic – So glad to save you all that trouble. I have enough threats to my well-being as it is (see Wanda’s responses to this thread).

  8. You’re a sweetheart, like it or not.

    BTW, “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read.

  9. TheOtherIvy


    Well, that is very charming. I will go take a look at my postings and see if I can rustle something up.

  10. Mrs. Crowe-Fassbender-Sutherland

    Hahahah no eye contact with Wanda’s posse!

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  12. Dang right I wouldn’t sit still that long. Unless you have a hammock…

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