An Aside

Last night, as I was fixing a platter of wings (sauce: Frank’s Red Hot and butter), the cat had his face in his bowl, purring loudly as he ate. Later, when I got up from the couch for more wings and another beer (Long Trail Hibernator), he jumped off his chair and followed me to the kitchen, where he ate some more. When I went back out for another beer and a cookie (Pepperidge Farm Double Chunk Dark Chocolate), he followed me again and ate even more. It was the same thing when I got up for some ice cream (Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla) and a brownie (home made) and later, when I went for another beer (Otter Creek Stovepipe Porter). He even followed me down at 2:00 a.m. when I decided to have the last slice of apple (Esopus Spitzenberg) pie and a hunk of cheese (Cabot Hunter’s Favorite Seriously Sharp Cheddar).

The cat eats all the time. No wonder he’s fat.

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9 thoughts on “An Aside

  1. Maybe that’s MY cat’s problem, too. He needs to stop following me into the kitchen.

  2. Auntie

    Well, HERE you are! I was wondering where you’d been hiding…

  3. Kitty see, Kitty do?

  4. Auntie

    P.S. An e-mail is coming. I promise!

  5. Frick

    Shoot, that sounds just like our cat, Conan. Anytime anyone goes into the kitchen for whatever reason, he’s there looking for food.

    Glad to see you’re alive and well!

    A hearty “Hey Dere” from the gang in “Da Lounge” in Minnesoter.. even though it’s pretty much defunct… sigh…

  6. Can you stop writing about food please? You know what happened the last time you wrote about food.

  7. That cat is a bad influence.

  8. I’m his union rep, and I’m here to tell you to leave the poor guy alone–it’s WINTER, for pete’s sake…the calories are in the contract!

  9. I say get rid of the cat and you lose a pound or two.

    Hey! Don’t they say that pets look like their owners? Or is it the other way around?

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