Running Man


While on the tractor this morning, moving yesterday’s snow to make room for today’s, I looked up and saw a man on the road, apparently running. I was dressed for what I was doing, wearing triple-insulated coveralls, a sweatshirt and a knit cap. He was in his long-johns. I would have been in a hurry, too, in a blizzard in my underwear.

But why was he out there running to begin with? I don’t get recreational running. I see a lot of people doing it and most of them look pretty miserable, running along the roadside in their underwear, no matter the weather. Maybe they need the exercise but I can’t imagine needing anything so badly that I would put in a couple of miles for it on a day like this. Not even a pack of smokes.

I will not run for fun or fitness. My job gives me plenty of both.
I will, however, run from a wasp nest.
I will also run from a bear, but only down hill and never up a tree.

(Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of a bear. I only have a picture of some bear poop, which I knew would come in handy some time, even though people made fun of me for taking a picture of bear poop.)

Oh, I’ll run if I have to, but it’s got to be for something pretty special if I’m going to run down the road in my underwear.
P.S.- If it stopped snowing right now I wouldn’t be very sad.
Got the format on this one all whacked-out, eh?
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7 thoughts on “Running Man

  1. tigereye

    Hi, Quill!
    I run, and it’s as miserable as it looks. The only thing that keeps me doing it is that it’s not as miserable as gaining too much weight to wear your favorite jeans. It’s not snowing here, but it’s definitely cold enough to add to the general misery.
    I’ve never run in my underwear. I hope I never have to. That seems so Jamie-Lee-Curtis-in-“Halloween…”

  2. pandemonic

    This is too funny. I’d run from a bear too. How do you know that’s bear poop, by the way? Have you been studying poop? Perhaps you have met my internet boyfriend, Bobby Goat Gruff. He’s a master at poo.

    Oh, and welcome to the neighborhood.

  3. thirdculturemom

    I run occasionally for non-wasp non-bear purposes, but not when it looks anything like your picture. It never gets like that here, of course, but like right now it’s raining, and as you can see, I’m not outside running at all.

    What I’m wondering about is how come you already figured out how to put pictures in your posts, when I have no idea. When I tried, the picture was huge (most of it out of frame), and I saw no option of making it smaller.

  4. I hate to run. I don’t think I would run, even to save my life. Nothing is worth running toward/away from/for, etc.

    Third Culture Mom, you have to resize your photos or they won’t fit. You can try clicking on the picture and dragging it inward from the corner. If it turns out too blurry, you’ll have to resize outside of WordPress first, then publish.

  5. Hi Quill–I’m hijacking your thread to say something to thirdculturemom:

    I resize my photos to 1000 or less pixels wide to make them fit on blog entries (using Microsoft PictureIt or iPhoto, depending on which computer I’m using).

  6. I have made the exact same declaration about running. I will only run if a madman is chasing me, and I’m counting on adrenaline to make up for my lack of running conditioning in case that event occurs.

    I have run from yellow jackets and I learned, after two stings, that they are faster than I am.

    Neat barn picture!

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