A Craft Project With My Friend, Eugene

My friend, Eugene, has been hanging out with me for a while and it is a real challenge to keep him occupied and out of trouble, especially with three feet of snow on the ground. When I suggested he do a craft project he jumped at the chance and insisted it be documented so he could submit it to Martha Stewart (Eugene thinks she is hot) but I convinced him he would have a larger audience for his talents here. I’m sorry.


For this project, you will need to assemble the following items:


A) One desiccated frog* of any species, although the smaller leopard or wood frogs work best.

B) One sheet (or roll) of that magnetic stuff with the peel-off, adhesive backing.

C) One pair of safety scissors.
Begin by carefully cutting a small piece of magnetic stuff with the safety scissors.


Next, gently peel away the adhesive backing.


Press the sticky side of the magnetic stuff to whichever side of your frog you don’t want to look at, but do it carefully! Desiccated frogs are very delicate and easily damaged.


Voila! There you have it,your very own desiccated frog refrigerator magnet! Put it in a conspicuous place where everyone can see it. Your friends won’t know what to say.

*The best places to look for desiccated frogs include hot parking lots, concrete basements and any number of other places you would never expect to find a fully hydrated amphibian.

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7 thoughts on “A Craft Project With My Friend, Eugene

  1. pandemonic

    I remember this one from another life. I think I’m going to bookmark this page should I ever feel the need to laugh myself into hysterics. It’s definitely a keeper.

    (They should have paid you cash money for this one alone! 🙂 )

  2. Cute. Not the frog but the post!

    This is actually something I would have tried with my Cub Scouts a few years ago. I mean, we painted faces on rocks and named them and carried them around with us. Why not make a magnet of a dried out reptile (or are they amphibians?).

    Welcome to this world!

  3. No matter what anyone says, I think the word “dessicated” is a keeper. I have been trying to build a paragraph or poem around it for awhile now. Frankly, I hadn’t considered it for frogs. They seem to keep better than the unfortunate mice I eventually find under the refrigerator.

  4. A classic.

  5. TJM

    Love the knife, band-aids and that the list says “safety scissors”.

  6. I had to show my wife the pictures…(tough to do through wheezing laughter), of the band-aids. Golden!

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